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Budget Built Buildings

Do you need a storage shed or building but price is a concern? If you want a good, professionally built site built or portable storage building but don't want to spend a lot of money then the budget built building is for you. Budget Built Buildings are not cheap - they are inexpensive. The same care and skilled, profession craftsman's construct the budget line as do our other grades of fine storage buildings,

Not all our building models are available in budget built grade. Check with your dealer.

There simple is no way to have a professionally built storage building at a lower price.

A Budget Built Building may be for you. Browse the specs and pictures below.

The Floor:

Budget Built Buildings have 4x4 pressure treated skids, two to five, depending on the width of the building.  All budget built buildings have 2x4 floor joist 16" on center and the floor is decked with  tongue and groove  pressure treated 5/8' plywood decking . 

Budget Built Barn

The Walls:

Wall studs are 2x4 24 inches on center.  Window, door and any other wall opening over 24 inches has a  2x4 header. Openings 36 inches or over have headers made from two 2x4s..

Siding is 3/8" pre-primed composite siding. 3/8" T1-11 pressure treated is an option.

The Roof:

Budget Built Buildings roofs have 2x4 rafters and trusses. All trusses are made with 18" single gussets at the ridge.

Budget built grade buildings have twenty year shingles or metal roofing. Optional, thirty year architectural shingles are available and single or double felt.

Eve overhang is reduced on budget grade buildings.

Utility Building

Windows & Doors:

All windows are high quality utility windows, however insulated, double pained windows are available as an option. All doors are utility building doors. Budget built's have a reduced number of window and doors but additional doors or windows can be added as a manufacturing option. .

Other Features:

Screened end vents are standard.