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Better Built Buildings

Better Built Buildings is the place to shop online for the best quality, handcrafted, portable storage buildings. We build our fine storage buildings at our plants in Birmingham, Alabama and Adel, Georgia.  We  deliverer from our Birmingham and Adel plants to Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Better Built Buildings dealers and affiliates are in all the major U.S. markets. They  cover virtually the entire country.

We also offer Kits and plans and in some areas site-built wood and metal buildings are also available.

Our Buildings

Better Built Buildings' are available in three grades. While all our buildings are of the finest quality and are constructed from the best materials, Not all buildings are or need to be the same. Because of the intended uses, cost concerns, location, and many other reasons the construction is different. The grades of our buildings are: Best Built Buildings, Better Built Buildings and Budget Built Buildings.

Utility Bulding, Cabin, Lofted Barn, Carport, Wood and Metal

Best Built Buildings

The top of the line in portable storage buildings, Best Built Buildings are indeed the very best. If your building needs are for construction and features that are truly second to none, the Best Built Building is for you. These buildings are built to specifications which meet or exceed the specifications of your home.

Examples of these construction specifications and features are, 2x4 wall studs minimum 16 inch on  center, minimum 2x8 double header on all widow and door openings, (double 2x10s on all openings over 36 inches,) and minimum 2x6 floor joists on 12" centers, (2x8 floor joist on 12' or wider buildings.

Go to the Best Built Buildings page for all the details.

Better Built Buildings

Our most popular building grade, Better Built Buildings are the standard for portable storage. While lacking some of the ultimate features and construction specifications of the best built specs, Better Built Buildings are still better built.

For most needs and applications the standard widow and door headers, 2x4 or 3x6 floor joist, 3/4 tongue and grove, pressure treated plywood floor decking, and other better built specs are idle.

click over to the Better Built Buildings page for the detailed specs of these great buildings.

Budget Built Buildings

Need a good quality storage building that will meet your needs but not break your budget? Our Budget Built Buildings may just be what you are looking for in portable storage.

Our budget buildings are built to be the lowest cost portable storage option while still being good quality that will last a life time.

Wall studs on 24" centers, unboxed eves, and 4x4 skids are examples of what makes a budget built building.

See complete specifications on Budget Built Buildings at this link.

Purchase and Rental Options

We always accept cash and you will get a cash discount on the purchase of any of our building grades. No credit check, everybody's approved rent-to-own financing, is available for better built and budget built buildings. With your good credit you can get zero down, low interest financing on best built and better built portable storage.

From time to time we have specials at reduced price.

There is a Free Payments plan you can take advantage of on any of the rent-to-own leases.

Take advantage or our $100 off web special.  

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