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Best Built Buildings

Our Best Built Buildings are simply the best built and highest quality storage buildings anywhere. If your needs, (or wants,) are for the vry best building then the best built is for you.

Read on to see what makes the best built building truly the best.

The Floor:

Portable Best Built Buildings start with 4x6 pressure treated skids, two on eight and ten foot wide buildings and four on buildings twelve foot wide and wider.  Skids 20 feet and under are one piece. Longer skids are connected by six foot 2x6s on each side and bolted together with twelve lag bolts. Eight wide buildings get 2x6 floor joist 12" on center and the rest use 2x8 joists, also on 12" centers. The standard decking is pressure treated 2x6 tongue and groove. You can also select pressure treated tongue and groove 3/4' plywood decking or the plywood as a sub-floor under the 2x6 flooring as options.

The Walls:

Wall studs are 2x4 16 inches on center. Stud spacing of 12" on center is an option. Wall to roof truss is secured with hurricane clips and design specifications that meet or exceed Florida wind code requirements.

Window, door and any other wall opening under 36 inches has header, (lentil,) of two 2x8s on jack studs. Openings 36 inches or over have headers made from two 2x10s with double jack studs. On openings over 36" have double 2x4 plates.

Siding is 3/8" OSB sheathing covered by 5/8" T1-11 pressure treated or cedar plank board and batten. Inside walls are coved with 1/2" plywood. Other siding options are available.

The Roof:

Best Built Buildings roofs have 2x6 rafters and trusses on all but eight wide buildings which have 2x4 rafters on regular height wall buildings and 2x4 trusses on extra height buildings. All trusses are made with 18" double gussets at the ridge and 2x4 or 2x4 joists at the bottom.

Roofs are cover with double layer felt and 30 shingles or metal.

Windows & Doors:

All windows are high quality, double pained and insulated. Walk-through doors are nine-lite insulated house doors. There are many options for larger doors. High quality swinging utility doors are standard.

Other Features:

Ridge vents and soffit vents are standard. For hotter climates there is a sealed space venting system. The bottom of the rafters are sealed with plywood and the soffit vents allow air to flow through the space to the ridge vent. There are screened end vents to ventilate the inside of the building. An insolated ceiling is also available.